(and information needed to complete the subscription process)
Please read these rules, guidelines & subscription directions carefully and completely.
The 3905Chatgp reflector is for polite chit chat, general discussion and announcements of general interest.  "Having fun" - tasteful jokes, playful banter, etc. - must be done in a manner that allows for the reasonable enjoyment of the group by reasonable persons.  It is NOT for information and comments related to on-going or recently finished 3905CC nets.  Any replies are directed to the entire group, roughly 550 subscribers.  3905Chatgp is not accessible to non-subscribers.
The 3905Checkins reflector is for distribution of net check-in lists, information and comments related to on-going and recently finished 3905CC nets.  It is not for general chit-chat.  This group is set up to direct replies only to the one person to whom you are replying.  Please DO NOT direct replies to the entire group (Reply to All) unless the reply is clearly of interest to the nearly 1,200 subscribers who signed up primarily for check-in lists and net-related info.  You must be a subscriber to post to 3905Checkins, but 3905Checkins is readable by non-subscribers by clicking
The 3905AwdTalk reflector is for polite discussion of the 3905CC awards program - existing awards as well as ideas for new awards.  Replies go to all subscribers - approximately 200.  3905AwdTalk is not accessible to non-subscribers.
NONE OF THE GROUPS ABOVE are a good substitute for *direct* email or phone contact with your elected or appointed officers.
ALL GROUPS ABOVE welcome announcements posted by Club Officers and needing broad distribution.
Other than such announcements, there should be very little need to post the same material to more than one of the above groups and you are requested not to do so.
Testing-1-2-3 is solely for posting "Test" messages, which are not welcome elsewhere.  Subscription approval to Testing-1-2-3 is automatic and immediate, so there is no good excuse for using a highly populated group for testing.
Please include your real name and call sign at the
end of all postings you make to any group.
While vigorous debate is OK, it MUST NOT cross the line into
personal attacks, name calling or character assassination.
You may challenge ideas, but you may NOT attack individuals or recognizeable groups.
DON'T confuse vigorous debate or polite but strong disagreement with rudeness.
DO NOT involve yourself in any discussion on any topic unless you can do it politely.
You're responsible for yourself; others are responsible for themselves.
You are responsible for ALL content in any posting you make, including quoted content originally posted by others.  If you repeat it, you also buy the responsibility for it!
All reflectors are profanity, obscenity and indecency-free zones.
Don't provoke and don't be easily provoked.
This applies equally to the thin-skinned and to potential agitators.
Do NOT try to stifle any polite on-topic discussion.
If you think "the horse is dead," or you weren't interested to start with, just stop reading, use your delete key or set a reject filter, but DO NOT interfere with those still discussing by making "dead horse" remarks or otherwise trying to stifle, dilute, derail or drown out the discussion.
Forbidden Topics
Religion, politics, race, ethnicity, gender, and jokes involving these, are all off topic.
No list of forbidden topics can be all-inclusive, so you're expected to apply common sense when it comes to other topics that historically tend to produce much more heat than light.
Give others the benefit of the doubt.
Remember that email lacks the subtleties of voice tone and facial expression that reveal intent in face to face conversation.  Your understanding of this is intended to head off angry responses, NOT to provide an excuse for initiating rude, insulting, or deliberate borderline behavior later claimed to be "just joking."  If in any doubt, don't.
(Jabs involving favorite sports teams are ALWAYS assumed to be in fun.)
Please avoid the following pointless & annoying behavior.
Those with a real need to send test messages are free to do so on Testing-1-2-3.
Subscription approval to Testing-1-2-3 is automatic and immediate,
so there is no good excuse for using a highly populated group for testing.
Your email address must remain a working address.
Email accounts that reject email from or from the Moderator for any reason, or require the sender to click a link to deliver email, are NOT working email accounts.  Subscriptions based on non-working email accounts will be canceled.
The reflectors do NOT accept attachments.
Attachments are stripped to prevent the spread of viruses.
You may find that email consisting of nothing but an HTML attachment is rejected.
If this happens to you, you need to turn off HTML or Rich Text posting.
Regarding SPAM...
In a word, DON'T!  Spamming your fellow subscribers via the reflectors or via private email will result in your IMMEDIATE removal from ALL reflectors.  Invitations to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yahoo Messenger, GMail, social networking sites, etc., ARE ALL SPAM, unless sent with the PRIOR PERSONAL PERMISSION OF  **ALL**  RECIPIENTS.  Notification of removal will be sent to the address from which the spam was sent.  Reinstatement after removal for spamming requires that you thoroughly virus check your computer and then initiate direct contact with the Reflector Moderator (see contact addresses below) before resubscribing.
Regarding complaints...
Please direct any complaints regarding behavior you consider to be a problem directly to the person(s) exhibiting the behavior.  You may do this in public or in private, but be polite or you become part of the problem.  You may copy the Moderator on such complaints, but he must NOT be the only addressee.  In short, if something doesn't bother you enough to complain to those directly responsible, then DON'T complain to the Moderator.
These communications resources are neither owned, sponsored, supervised, nor officially sanctioned by The 3905 Century Club.  Opinions expressed on these reflectors may occasionally be expressed very strongly.  Opinions expressed on these reflectors do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the Club, nor does the Club assume any responsibility or accountability, implied or otherwise, for the content of these reflectors.  For Club matters that you deem to be important or "official," these "reflectors" are NOT a good alternative to direct contact with your Area Director or other elected or appointed officers by direct email, telephone, postal letter, or other direct one-on-one method of communication.
These rules and guidelines were established in the interest of keeping the groups reasonably enjoyable to reasonable people.  They're subject to adjustments from time to time.  Please bookmark the link to these guidelines if you think you'll need to refer to them in the future.

Please always remember that you (and anyone you direct a reply to) are only a few out of MANY subscribers.

73, Your Host
Extensive additional information on The 3905 Century Club is available from the Club web site at  (That URL must be all lower case and *all* 3905ccn site URLs are case sensitive.)  A good starting point is the "New Member Info" document.
(If necessary, the following must be completed within 7 days of initial application.)

If you're a ham and your call sign isn't a clear and obvious part of the email address you provided when subscribing, please email your full name and call sign to the appropriate address below.

If you're not a ham, please briefly explain in an email to the appropriate address below your interest in the group you wish to subscribe to, and include your full name and *REAL* home email address - preferably the one at the ISP you *PAY* for your *PRIMARY* Internet connection... preferably not Yahoo, Gmail, Ymail, Rocketmail, Hotmail, or other free, anonymous email services.

All with a legitimate interest in The 3905 Century Club are welcome, but I like (actually I insist) to know who my subscribers are.

Addresses for sending missing info, or for contacting the Moderator follow.  You must place the appropriate address below in the TO: field of your message, NOT the bcc: field. rejects messages to Moderators if the address is in the bcc: field.